Getting started is often the hardest part of any process—including starting your VO journey. Usually, it’s doubt and fear that stop us from getting the ball rolling. (“What if I’m not good enough?” “What if I can’t do this?”)

Spoiler alert: You are good enough and heck yes, you can do this! What you need are some clearly outlined goals and strategies to succeed.

You need a vision.

Your VO vision could be one of the following, and all of these are GREAT!

  • Voice acting is my hobby. It’s a fun creative outlet for me, and who knows where it’ll take me?
  • Voice acting part time feels right for me. Why not make some extra money doing something I love?
  • I’m ready to do this full-time! I’m the next Sponge Bob Square Pants! (…or “Coral Fred Round Shorts,” since Spongebob’s gig is already taken. 😉 !

Assess where you are right now and own it. Assess the language you use and your intentions. Declare it, loud and proud: I am a voice actor. Repeat after me. I am a voice actor. Speak in the present. Even if you haven’t earned a single dollar voicing yet – YOU are in that booth doing it. How does one become? By DOING! And you ARE!

You need a mantra.

These are the words that will keep you going. What empowering words will you say or hang on your bathroom mirror? Or in your booth?


  • I can and I will.
  • It’s never too late to start.
  • I am worthy.
  • I am the hero of my own life.
  • I am pure awesomesauce.
  • Today is my day.
  • I will not judge or criticize anyone, not even myself.

Never underestimate the power of a positive affirmation, either. Thoughts become actions and things– and everything begins with a thought.

You need to clear out the clutter.

Seriously. Out with the old and in with the new… both physically and mentally! Having an organized workspace works wonders for your headspace.

Clean out that closet so you can set up your recording booth already! Organize your home office so you feel great in your workspace. Get rid of all that stuff you don’t need so everything you do need is right there for you.

Get rid of the old limiting thoughts or self judgements that no longer serve you! Anytime you think a negative thought, shoosh it! Literally! Say, “Shhhhhh! I don’t hear you!”

Those negative thoughts? Think of them as cranky toddlers throwing a fit in the back seat of the car. Like cranky toddlers, they WANT you to acknowledge them. But that only reinforces bad behavior and negativity. Instead, when those negative thoughts start throwing a fit in your mental back seat, say, “That’s nice,” and go about your day. They’ll quiet right down, leaving you more room to indulge positive thinking.

Do the things you’ve been putting off so you can free yourself up mentally to make room for the new things you’re excited about pursuing!

You need to carve out time for YOU.

You need an action plan, of course, but first you need to create YOU time. Show up for yourself and do the work. We all have the same 24 hours each day. How will you spend yours?

And remember: keep it real. We are what we repeatedly do. And procrastination is fear in the form of breaks. The more you DO the thing that scares you, the easier and the less frightening it will become, I promise.

Care about what makes your heart happy. You aren’t selfish by doing what you love. You matter, my friend. Your dreams matter. Everyone in your life will benefit from your happiness. That includes you.

You need to stop asking for permission and seeking the approval of others.

We’ve all done this. Whose opinion of you should matter most? Yours! Period.

I read an article recently that said, “Stop worrying about what other people think because they’re not thinking about you. They’re thinking about their own lives!” At first, I thought, dang! That’s so cold! No one is thinking about me? Really? Ouch.

But what if it were true? Would you cast all self-doubt aside and just make decisions for you based on what felt right in your heart? Wow. There’s an idea. What if no one was watching…or judging…or permitting…or, even better, what if they were cheering you on? What would you do then? (Psst…we ARE cheering you on at TVAS!)

You don’t need anyone’s permission to do you. A flower doesn’t worry if the flower beside it is more beautiful or more fully bloomed. It just is. 😉

You need to feed your brain.

Let’s take notice of the brilliance in the tagline, “Never stop improving.” (Thank you, Lowe’s.) When applying this to our daily lives, it means never stop learning. Watch or listen to podcasts, audiobooks, read one impactful blog a day, be consistent you’re your training here at TVAS. As a voice actor, you NEVER stop learning!

Work on your personal growth. Keep feeding your brain things that excite you, make you laugh, stimulate your curiosity, fill you up, and make you feel alive. In contrast, stay away from content that does the opposite. Because when you’re growing, you feel good. Keep filling your cup up. (…with more than just coffee, okay?)

So, where are we?

You are here now. You’ll be there later. Wherever the road takes you. It might include a mic. Maybe it doesn’t. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you do the things that light you up inside.

Your life is a work of art.  Why not create a masterpiece?