Why does my booking request need to be approved?
If you requested a workshop with prerequisites (Audiobook Intensive, Character Intensive, Commercial Performance Advanced, Telephony 3, etc.), we must verify that the proper classes have been taken before you can enroll. Once approved, you’ll receive an email with a payment request so you may complete the booking. Payment is required within 24 hours of the request or our system will cancel the booking, so keep an eye out for the email. If you didn’t attend one of the prerequisite workshops but purchased the video in our shop, please email to let us know!
How does the waitlist work?
If you’ve registered for the waitlist for a workshop, you’ll be notified via email if any spots open up. Notifications are sent in order, starting with the first person to sign up, but you’ll want to book quickly before someone else snags the spot!
What is a hybrid workshop?
TVAS workshops occur one of three ways: In-person, Virtual only, or HYBRID. HYBRID is a combination of students participating in a workshop virtually and in-person together at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds! You will choose your attendance option when you book the workshop – you can change it later through your voicer portal. Regardless of how you signed up, the confirmation message will contain our physical address and the Zoom meeting login details so you’ll have all the information you need.
How do I get the Zoom link for a virtual workshop?
For all virtual and hybrid workshops, the Zoom link is included in your booking confirmation, so make sure to hang on to it. If for any reason you don’t have it, please email at least an hour* before the workshop begins and we can get it to you. Please note, we do our best to respond to all messages as quickly as possible, but if you ask for a link 10 minutes before a workshop begins, we might not be able to get it to you in time.
What equipment do I need for a virtual workshop?

You don’t need any special recording equipment to attend! Make sure you have the latest free version of Zoom downloaded to your computer, tablet or smart phone and that your device is charged. If you don’t have an external mic you want to use, the built-in camera and mic on your device are perfectly fine.

I purchased a workshop video from the shop but didn’t download it before the link expired. What do I do?
Please email for assistance.
How do I get the recordings from a workshop I attended?
Recordings are emailed within a few days from the workshop. If you haven’t received the link, please email and our engineering team can send it to you.
How do I redeem my Groupon voucher?
Email the following details to and we’ll get you set up!

  • your Groupon voucher/redemption number (the one without dashes)
  • the date you’d like to attend (available dates can be found here)
  • whether you’ll be attending in person or online
How do I use my Ongoing workshop credits?
  1. Login to the voicer portal here.
  2. Click on New Booking
  3. Make sure “Workshops” is highlighted in orange at the top.
  4. Click the green “Book” button to the right of the date you’d like to attend.
  5. Confirm your details and click next.
  6. You can add another booking, or check out.
  7. When you get to the checkout page, the price will be reflected as $0
  8. Scroll down to agree to the terms and conditions and then click “Confirm Booking.”
  9. You will receive a confirmation email.
How do I know which workshops are available in person and which are online only?

Check out our handy dandy color-coded calendar to see which workshops are in person only, virtual only, or hybrid (both options are available) in the current month.

For specialty workshops and special events: If the workshop name includes “Virtual Only,” it’s only available online. If the workshop name includes “at TVAS” or “at Monster” it’s only available in person. Otherwise, both options are available and you’ll make your selection during the booking process.

For ongoing workshops: You can find which ones are hybrid and which are virtual only by checking out our color-coded calendar.

For all hybrid and virtual only workshops, the Zoom details will be included in your booking confirmation (even if you’ve opted to attend in person).

What is the difference between Ongoing and Specialty workshops?

Specialty workshops, or “focused learning,” are booked as individual workshops that focus on specific areas of your voice over journey. Choose workshops that align with your interests and goals!

Our Ongoing workshops are your “Weekly Mic Work!” The best way to develop your voice over chops is by doing it frequently and consistently! Think of ongoings as your continued general ed! Our Ongoing Voiceover Workshops are weekly, with the primary focus being performance. To master any craft, ongoing training and professional feedback is crucial. Repetitio Est Mater Studiorum” (Repetition is the Mother of Learning).

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