About Us

The Voice Actors Studio is a 1400 square ft. facility of pure voiceover awesomeness!

The Voice Actors Studio, the brainchild of Melissa Moats and her husband Troy first opened their doors in February 2015. It all began in 2010 when Melissa formed a small voiceover group in her home and began mentoring beginners who didn’t know quite how or where to start. In just a few short years the Las Vegas voiceover community has exploded! Melissa, still a busy full-time voice over actor herself, provides mentorship and professional voice over coaching to local Las Vegas based talent along with her stellar team of industry leaders! The Voice Actors Studio recently opened their “virtual doors” now helping voice actors around the globe!

Explore voice acting for Commercial, Narration, eLearning, Video Games, Animation, Anime and more! Not to mention gaining the insight and instruction of topnotch special-guest coaches, agents, casting directors and production companies Melissa invites to teach and share in her beautiful, fully-equipped voiceover facility from major markets like LA, NY, and Chicago!  Coming up on their 7th Birthday, The Voice Actors Studio has mentored and developed countless now working talent and their one-of-kind voiceover community has grown beyond anything they could have ever imagined.

Every journey begins with a dream, and TVAS is here to support you and the rest of our talented voiceover community every way possible – and to help everyone’s voice acting pursuits come to fruition. It’s all here… Performance coaching, guidance on how to set up your home studio, an education on how and where to find voiceover opportunities – and even moral support (like hugs, fist bumps and high fives) are all included in your training! Many say it’s our heart that sets us apart. And we graciously thank our loyal & loving students!  If becoming a professional voice actor is your passion, we’ve got you covered. Welcome to The Voice Actors Studio. Everybody’s favorite place to learn!

If you are a voiceover coach or industry expert interested in utilizing our space for your own voiceover training opportunity…we invite you to contact us!

Meet Team TVAS

Melissa Moats
Head Coach & Founder of The Voice Actors Studio Commercial – Promo – Mama VO


The fabric of life is gently woven together by the powerful artform of storytelling – and Melissa Moats LOVES all. Things. Voice over!!!  Achieving her dream-career took persistence, passion and patience, and Melissa is equally committed to guiding her students to their own success! As a full-time voice actor and founder of The Voice Actors Studio, Melissa has been voice acting professionally for over two decades. You’ve heard her on everything from The Ellen Show to video games and national commercial campaigns for major household brands like Ashley Furniture, Proactiv, Pandora Radio, & Best Western Hotels – to name a few! Her first step toward becoming a pro talent began by attending a voice acting course offered through UNLV many years ago, and now Melissa teaches that very course! She takes great pride in giving the Las Vegas Voice Over Community, and now her global audience a home and safe place to learn and grow creatively. A rare find, being both a mentor to many and still a busy full-time voice actor, Melissa is equally fueled by her love of her students and her love of voice acting! Every step Melissa has taken to make her own creative aspirations come true, she generously and openly shares – helping others do the same.
Milla Rutland
Studio Manager – Voice Actor – Head of TVAS Casting


Milla Rutland has been acting and dancing since she was a young girl and knew she was born to entertain, so it was no surprise when she packed up and moved to fabulous Las Vegas to pursue her acting and entertainment dreams.

This Vegas Vixen found her passion in burlesque, live theater and voice over acting! Milla absolutely loves her role as Studio Manager for TVAS and all the fun that comes with it. She especially loves all the amazing coaches and students that she gets to meet and interact with. In her spare time, she stars a few nights a week in a murder mystery dinner theater show. A true believer in always learning, growing and honing your craft, she regularly attends workshops at TVAS and you can also find her hosting or engineering workshops as well.

When she’s not in her booth/home office or at TVAS, she enjoys competing in pinup competitions, visiting Salem, Massachusetts as often as possible, planning for Halloween and spending quality time with her fur babies which include an Akita and 3 cats (yes, of course she has a black cat).

Amanda McCune
Business Expert


Amanda McCune, also known as “Aardvark Girl,” spent 14 years managing production companies before starting her own business aimed at helping others, primarily those in creative fields, handle the organizational and financial functions of their companies. Although she is not a voice actor herself, Amanda has been involved in casting for a variety of projects over the years, and understands what clients and producers look for from talent. She has always enjoyed working with the Las Vegas voice over community, and was excited to find an opportunity to join Melissa and the TVAS team as the Studio Coordinator. Amanda is also happy to be coaching some business workshops to help prepare students for how to deal with rates, bookkeeping, organization, etc. as they grow their own businesses as voice actors!
Chad Letts
Commercial – Narration – Radio – Promo


Chad is a near 20-year radio broadcasting veteran who has successfully transitioned to full-time voice actor. He has trained with Melissa and other top VO coaches around the country and is living (and working) proof that the techniques taught at The Voice Actor’s Studio really do work. He takes a practical approach to the craft of VO and a logical approach to the business side of things. Chad loves sharing his knowledge and experience with other voice actors. When not behind the mic, you will often find him at concerts all over the Las Vegas Valley, or a local pub sipping a fine drab of single malt Islay scotch.
John McClain
Commercial – Narration – Audio Editing – Gear


John McClain is lead sound designer and the owner of Monster Sound and Picture. His experience ranges from award-winning campaigns for companies like Chevrolet and Dodge to a Grammy nomination in 2000 and a Grammy win in 2001 for his work with the late, great George Carlin. His work with HBO on the series 24/7 brought his company a national Emmy in 2008 and his work both as a voice talent and as a composer and sound designer brought him to the small screen in 2010 with the Comedy Central short series Shmitty, Mcfunkle and Stump. When not working his audio mojo, John likes to ski the avalanche-prone back country of Utah, cook paella for his friends and spend time with his beautiful wife, Dawn and amazing son, Declan.
Brent Mukai
Improv Specialist – Animation & Video Games


Brent Mukai is a stand up/improv comedian, actor, and voice actor from Pearl City, Hawaii. As an improv comedian, he is a part of Las Vegas’ longest running improv comedy show, Jest Serendipity, which has had residency shows at Planet Hollywood and The Palms Casino. He performs improv and stand up all over town, and currently produces the monthly two-man nerd improv show, The Cosplay Improv Mashup Show at the Millennium Fandom Bar.

As a teacher, he is an instructor at two schools in the city-wide improv league the High School Jesters, and also puts on corporate team building workshops. In his spare time, Brent likes to freestyle rap, play Pictionary, and write about himself in the third person.

Casey Eade
Commercial – Character – Social Media Guru for Voice Actors


Casey Eade is a voice actor, the brains behind TVAS’ social media, and the adult version of a Very Loud Theatre Kid. After starting her training with Melissa Moats at TVAS in 2015, Casey eventually transitioned to full-time voice acting. When she’s not recording commercials for clients like Kaboom, Givenchy, Verizon, or Dell, she’s navigating the non-stop world of social media and cultivating the world’s finest memes for TVAS. Casey loves working with voice actors to help them rediscover that long-lost childhood ability to play! Her goal is to teach students to trust their instincts in the booth, and most importantly, to have fun with it! She also coaches social media workshops for voice actors that help them stand out and find their unique voices online. In her downtime, Casey enjoys art, hiking, talking nonstop about her dog, and pretending she’s either a) a vampire (it’s not a phase, Mom!) or b) a protagonist in a Victorian gothic novel (minus, you know…the tuberculosis and fainting).
Jack De Golia
Audiobooks – e-learning – Video Games – Commercial


Jack is our “Voice of Character.” He’s an award-winning narrator of audiobooks and voice actor for e-learning, video games, and commercials since 2009. Jack is a consummate storyteller and character voice actor, with a five-decade background in public relations and stage acting. Jack has a Bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Art from U.C. Davis. He has trained in voice-over with Alice Whitfield, Melissa Moats, Pat Fraley, and Marc Cashman. He’s also an enthusiastic member of the World-Voices Organization (WoVO), Professional Audiobook Narrators Association (PANA), & the Audio Publishers Association. Jack narrates audiobooks at ACX, and for major publishers Blackstone, Deyan Audio, Tantor Media, Audible Studios, and Findaway Voices. In 2018, Jack won AudioFile Magazine’s “Earphones Award,” and was nominated for a Society of Voice Arts & Sciences (SOVAS) award for best mystery narration. In 2021, he won the SOVAS award for Best History Narration! You’ll find him on Facebook, SoundCloud, Linked In, and Twitter, but mostly he’ll be making magic in his studio in Henderson.

Dustin Ebaugh
Commercial – Narration – Promo – eLearning


Dustin has been behind a microphone since the age of 15 with a 20-year career in radio as a DJ, production director, program director and operations manager. Now, as a full time voice actor for over a decade, Dustin works in the industry every day for clients like Ferrari, UPS, The Harley-Davidson Museum, Cholula Hot Sauce and many others. Most of his work is commercial, narration and eLearning. As one of the founders and president emeritus of World-Voices Organization (WoVO), Dustin is most interested in helping others in our industry and sharing what he’s learned over the last three decades.
Jesse Estrada
English and Spanish Voiceover


Jesse Estrada once heard someone say “I’m the guy that just won’t go away,” and since then that’s how he approaches his business. Jesse is a bilingual voice actor with over 15 years of experience behind the mic. He is passionate about two things – his family and his career. He began as a DJ, graduated to radio as an on-air radio personality, and moved up the ladder in the radio world. Quenching his thirst for more, he earned certifications in audio engineering and broadcasting and now operates as a full-time voice over actor, director, coach, and audio engineer. His passion for VO has landed him opportunities to work with clients like Disney, Cirque du Soleil, Shakira, political candidates, Costa Rica, Dodge RAM, AXE, and many more.
Denise Thistlewaite
Commercial – Narration – eLearning – Branding


Denise is a proud student of TVAS turned full-time VO pro. Her life experiences, education and career path have covered a vast spectrum, and have all contributed in a unique way to her success in voice over. Denise truly believes that through the power of positivity, hard work and perseverance, anything is possible! She loves sharing the practical knowledge she’s gained through training and her personal VO journey to help new students to the craft, flourish! She feels great joy watching students grow in talent and in confidence.

For fun, you’ll find Denise on a Southern California beach with a good book, practicing Mindfulness Meditation (both on and off of the mat), or stepping out of her comfort zone with her husband and kids to swim with sharks in Hawaii, or zip- line in Alaska…amazed and appreciative of every singe one of life’s treasured moments!

Alan Weinstein
“Papa Tech” Audio Production – Editing – Mac & PC Expert


Alan’s journey began as a sound engineer for live entertainment at Walt Disney World. His evolution continued with audio-visual presentation support and productions while in Orlando. As computers evolved (yes, Alan remembers when they were introduced), his technical expertise shifted to computer solutions and integration. When Alan retired in 2017, his focus moved to voice over and supporting the TVAS community. Alan’s unique background in Corporate IT Services and Audio Engineering experience makes him a perfect fit to support TVAS students in tech and audio.
Joyce Castellanos
Producer – Prior Agent – VO Guru

Joyce Castellanos, often referred to as “VO Mama,” began her career in the voiceover industry as an audio director/producer at NBC, Disney Channel, Warner Bros. Marketing, and The WB Television Network that spanned over 25 years. She also trained as a voice actor to enhance her skills as a director, giving her the ability to communicate clearly with the talent. Since leaving the networks, Joyce worked as a talent agent, mentoring voice actors on their careers, and taught “Introduction To Voiceover” at Ventura Community College and West LA College, while expanding the genres for coaching voice actors at all levels for over 20 years. Having recently moved to Las Vegas, she is excited to be working with TVAS and the wonderful voiceover community here as well as those studying remotely. Joyce’s broad experience and passion for this industry keeps her on the cutting edge.
Jason Rooney
Commercial – Promo

Jason Rooney is a nationally recognized voice actor who started his career in the early 2000s in Las Vegas and is now living and working in St Louis. He is married with 4 kids and a chihuahua. You’ve most likely heard him on commercials or promos from some of his notable clients, like The Wendy Williams Show, ABC, HGTV, Travel Channel, A&E, Saturday Night Live, TruTV, Proactiv, Pepsi, Nintendo, LEGO, Honda, Disney, McDonalds, Home Depot, & Chrysler to name a few!

Chuck Ojeda

Commercial – Radio Producer/Host – Boxer
(Be careful his VO coaching is packed with quite a punch)!

Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chuck traveled to LA to study theater and film at Cal State University of Los Angeles. After finding minimal success in commercial and short film work, he was encouraged to join the business of voice acting where he found much more fitting casting opportunities and excellent representation. During his time with AKA Talent, Chuck was being cast for national commercials while exploring his other passion in sports radio. As a participant on LA’s Sports Leader 710 ESPN LA, he was honored to join Steve Mason and John Ireland as a guest on the station’s drive time show. After hosting shows for 710 ESPN, Chuck actively looked for a more permanent home in sports entertainment and found an opportunity with ESPN 1100 Las Vegas. Producing and hosting was a wonderful experience, but the voice acting business fulfilled a constant artistic need that Chuck was grateful to return to. Since then Chuck has voiced national commercials for notable brands such as Vizio, Starbucks, T Mobile, Jos A. Bank and ReMax Real Estate. Chuck loves spending time with his son Evan, is still active as a boxer and trainer and he is honored to be a part of the TVAS family. 
Trent Clausen
Graphic Design – Photography – Digital Illustrator

After spending fifteen years in the live entertainment industry making everyone’s dreams come true but his own, Trent left behind his life of babysitting rock stars to pursue his artistic passions (though he hates the word “passion” with a…well…passion). Now a proud part of the TVAS family as well as a VO student, Trent freelances primarily as a digital illustrator, but also offers a variety of creative services which include graphic design, photography, film production, editorial writing, music production, and, as recently as this very moment, making long-winded, shamelessly self-indulgent lists regarding his aptitudes. Although he has completely forgotten how to do long division, it has had a remarkably minimal negative impact on his life and Trent has managed to become a very happy person.
Taylor Moats
Videographer – Photographer – Media Producer

As a 20 year Las Vegas local, spending half of that time serving tables on the Las Vegas Strip, Taylor Moats has absorbed the essence of hospitality while pursuing his passion as a photographer and videographer. Capture, Create, Deliver. That’s this Las Vegas local’s mantra, and deliver he does.

After two years of launching his business, Moats Media,  Taylor has recently transitioned to full-time media production, and has recently teamed up with TVAS to continue creating some killer content showcasing the journeys of the talent who consider The Voice Actors Studio their home away from home. 😉

Taylor now spends his energy growing his Youtube channel, creating promo content for clients & their businesses, and capturing those special moments in life that you never want to forget. When Taylor isn’t behind the camera, you can find him contorted in a yoga pose cleansing his body, mind and spirit.

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