I hope you know I think of you often. As a mentor and friend to the VO industry, as I go through my day as a full-time voice actor, I often catch myself thinking… This would be a great thing to share with up-and-coming talent!And ‘marketing’ – aka self promotion – is on that list!

A challenging part about finding success in the voice over industry, aside from being exceptional at your craft (which is a MUST), is letting people know you exist. Everyone loves the idea of becoming a voice over actor, but few are willing to put in the real hard work. We can love the idea of ‘anything,’ but if we don’t dedicate the time, energy, focus and consistency toward our goal, it’s just a daydream. I’m here to help you make this happen!

Here’s a little marketing advice for you:

I make it a point to reach out to my clients once a month… I keep my emails brief, and to the point. The most important thing is that they keep me in mind. And the only way we accomplish this is by showing up! Instead of writing a lot of text, I opt to put an e-card together, and write a few personal words up top, and that’s it! Most people enjoy visuals over text anyway. I’ve had great results with this approach. I’ve included a copy of an e-card I sent out a few months ago. Everyone loved it and said, “Oh Melissa Moats, this e-card is SO YOU.” Uh, yeah, thanks… That’s what I was going for! 😉 I used to recommend reaching out to clients once per quarter, but in this crazy-busy-high-tech-world we’re living in, a quarter now feels like an eternity… And life in the production world moves quickly… So, I have found reaching out once a month to be just right. I wouldn’t do it more often than that.

If cold-call emailing freaks you out… I can understand how, when you’re new to introducing yourself to the VO world, it can feel a bit intimidating… I recommend using this same approach. Put a simple e-card together that ties in with the look and feel of your website, and blast it off as a “Nice to meet you – I’d love to work with you” introduction.

Timing. Ya know what happens every time I blast these e-cards off? I hear this… “Melissa, your timing is impeccable! It just so happens we have a project you’d be perfect for. Can we book you later today to voice this for us?” Ummm, yeah. You bet. 😉 And I hear this over and over again every time I blast these off. Your timing will be impeccable too. Ya just have to do it.

Don’t have any clients yet? That was me once upon a time, too… I spent hours scouring the internet, looking up audio/video production companies, VO talent agencies, Message On Hold companies, and the like – building my list from the ground up. Remember, this is a global business. And the world wide web is your new bestie! As you’re mastering your craft, and prepping yourself to record your demo… and compiling the pieces to build your home studio… this is something you can start building too, my friend. And it’s free! If you have wi-fi, that is! Or just go to Starbucks! I might be there. LOL.

You are building a business. No one said it would be easy. But I will tell ya this, when things get rolling, and you’re regularly booking work, you’re going to look back and say, “Wow. I did that.” And it all started with landing one client. I know you absolutely can do this.

So, there you have it. A little Moats-ivation delivered with love. You’re welcome! Now – start designing your e-card!