Uh, yeah. Auditioning can totally mess with our minds. We’re so determined to get those bookings! One crucial thing to remember… The voice over business is about selection not rejection. You won’t be right for every project that lands in your inbox. But you will be perfect for MANY!

Auditioning Tips!

1. Turn your audition in a soon as possible, but don’t rush and sacrifice the quality of your performance/editing just to be quick!
2. Read ALL directions. This includes job specs, creative direction, labeling & slating details, and DEADLINE. (Pay attention to time zones)!
3. Audition files are ALWAYS mp3 files unless otherwise specified.
4. Make sure your audio quality is clean, clean, clean! Don’t lose out on a gig because your home studio isn’t up to par.
5. Offer 2 takes. 2 different sounding takes. This means your performances differ and are coming from 2 different perspectives. Note *Producer pet peeve – Listening to 2 auditions that sound exactly the same. Ugh. (Insert producer eye roll here)… Don’t waste their time.
6. Make sure your audio volume is can be heard loud and clear, -3db is just about right. You want them to hear ya!
7. Submit and forget. Just because you’re ready for them to cast you, doesn’t mean they’re ready today. Keep auditioning and moving forward on the daily! Sometimes it’ll be months before they’re ready to cast.
8. Remember, it’s our job to audition. You can market too, but always better to show ’em how great your talent is rather than just telling them about it.
9. Confidence. Own your read. If you believe you, they believe you.
10. You are the special sauce. Your voice print paired with your point of view and creative interpretation makes your read unique and special. Don’t lose sight of that. Don’t compare yourself to others.
11. You’re amazingly talented. Don’t NOT audition because you’ve decided they aren’t gonna ‘like’ you. Let them decide. You might surprise yourself!
12. Audition as often as possible. This increases your chances of being heard! And with each audition you interpret, voice, edit, and deliver – you are honing your craft and getting better!

Go get em! Because you’ve totally got this. 🙂 I believe in YOU.