You know what’s really important to pay attention to as a voice actor?


Okay, okay, it’s easier said than done. We only have so much energy in a day, ya know?

So, when do you feel your best? Morning? Maybe you’re a night owl. Or does mid-day feel great for you? I ask this because that’s the ideal time to be auditioning/voicing your booked projects! If you’re tired, groggy, or not warmed up properly, you won’t be able to give 110% to your performances. And I know you want to give your best.

And speaking of the energy you bring into your booth, you should treat each audition like you already booked it. Why? Because if it’s really fantastico, and you read it like it’s already yours, you’ll increase your odds of booking it!

My favorite scenario is when a client, agent, or production company says, “We loved your audition and we’re just gonna use it as is. Where do we send your check?” Yep! It happens all the time. So treat your auditions like you’ve already booked ’em! That’s taking “sounding confident” to a whole new level. (And make sure your audio quality is always up to par, okay?)

Do yourself a favor: take a little time this week to pay attention to your energy levels and when you feel your absolute BEST—that’s the perfect time to head into your booth and rock it! Also, pay attention to things like drinking enough water, getting enough rest, eating foods that make you feel energized, and taking breaks when you need them. I find going for a power walk every morning before I start voicing oxygenates my body and helps me feel AWESOME before I get on the mic. I also take a walk in the afternoon most days to just clear my mind and hit the reset button! (We love our recording booths, but it’s super important to take a break and step outside of the box…literally!)

Another thing to keep in mind: working from home has its perks, lots of interruptions or distractions can zap our energy, too. Try putting your cell phone on silent or in another room and log off social media (you’ll survive, I promise). If you’re checking email, answering texts, listening to voicemail messages, peeking at Facebook, and so on, you can start to feel very fragmented and overwhelmed. Not to mention you won’t accomplishing much, except feeling drained. Give your brain a break! Focus on one thing at a time!

Our work as voice actors demands creating, connecting, emoting, and engaging, which requires physical energy, mental focus, and vocal stamina. That’s a lot of output! We’ve got to take care of our voices, our instruments, which are indeed part of our bodies. Nurture your whole self and your overall well-being!

Remember: Good energy + good mood + great mindset = creating your best.

Now get in that booth and rock it!