On Saturday, I enjoyed leading an On-Going Workshop where we talked a lot about getting out of our own way, and how sometimes when we’re caught up in the daily grind of life it’s difficult to get into a creative, playful mindset… while standing alone in our padded closets! The struggle is real! When you have the energy of your coach or fellow Voicers with you, it seems so much easier to tap into a more spirited performance mindset!

Here are a few tips for shaking off a bad day or going from your corporate day job vibe into revving up your Voice Over Mojo!

Activate Theatre of the Mind:

1. Turn on your favorite booty shakin’ song! Music can instantly impact our mood. And you can always sing along to warm up your voice while you’re at it.
2. Deep breathing exercises. Oxygen does wonders! Even better, try a guided meditation to clear things out!
3. Babies, puppies, kittens, and toddlers. Yep, interacting with your pet or cute little kiddo in your life will decrease stress, and most certainly bring a smile to your face! It’s a scientific fact!
4. Call the funniest person in your life! Whoever always makes you laugh, get em on the horn!
5. Tune into a funny YouTube video like this:

Gets me every time!
6. Go for a walk around the block! Jump up and down! Stretch!

As a voice over performer/actor, we’re internalizing scripts, turning written word into spoken word, & bringing characters to life, literally! You know, no big deal… Being able to bounce right into your most creative headspace takes practice. Try some of the tips I mentioned above and see which are most helpful for you! It’s crucial to be able to activate your super-strength-theatre-of-the-mind-mojo quickly. Auditioning regularly is a must… And being ready to go for your booked sessions is a must too!

Talent x Effort = SKILL. Skill x Effort = ACHIEVEMENT.

You’ve got this.