TVAS Gives Back

The Voice Actors Studio loves to give back.

Year after year, TVAS voice actors have come together to help local families in need – have a Christmas to remember.

This year we’ve partnered up with SAFE HOUSE and adopted two families who need our support this holiday season. SAFE HOUSE is an organization here in Las Vegas that helps victims of domestic violence. These women & children have found shelter, support, and counseling services through this amazing advocacy center, and TVAS is on a mission to help honor as many of their humble Christmas wish list items as possible – as they heal and transition their lives to a healthier situation.

I selected these two families in particular, as they were the two LARGEST families, and the HARDEST to find help for. I also learned that most people who adopt families want ones with babies & toddlers, NOT teens & pre-teens. So, let’s give these kiddos some love!

It’s our mission to pull together our love, light and resources to ease the stress on these two families and lift them up this holiday season.

Let’s do what we do, Voicers – and help them!

If you’d like to help, we ask that you please


for items you’d like to gift, so we don’t receive repeated items.  To help keep gifts for our families organized,  we also ask that you drop off your unwrapped gift at TVAS with the child’s name on it during scheduled workshop times (please see our calendar).

We’ll also be collecting gift cards and donations for our adopted families!

Lastly, we are collecting GIFT WRAP donations. SAFE HOUSE empowers the mothers in their shelters by encouraging them to share in the experience of gift wrapping the donated gifts they have received for their children. It’s healing for Mom to be a part of sharing in their children’s joy.


We’ll be collecting unwrapped gifts at TVAS until 5pm on SATURDAY, 12/11/21!

$25.00 donation

$50.00 donation

$75.00 donation

$100.00 donation

Other Amount:


This year the TVAS Community fed over 1,200 people in need – a Hot, Hearty Thanksgiving Meal! Thank you, Voicers!