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Jacked Up: Backing Up

Quick story: my wife (a university professor), a few years ago, dropped her one and only external hard drive on the hard title floor. That was the end of that drive. But no worries, she said. Off we went to campus, where, in her office, she had a backup program that...

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Why Running a VO Business = Self-Parenting

Remember when you were a kid and your parents had to essentially bribe you to get chores done? You know. One of these: “If you put the dishes away, you can play on the trampoline.” Or maybe it was, “If you eat all of your vegetables, you can have a cookie.” Or in my...

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Give Up

Ever hear that 'doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will?'  Well, I'd say that's pretty accurate.  We've all had times where negative thoughts creep in and they play over and over on repeat in our minds like the occasional high-maintenance client who doesn't...

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Jacked Up: I’m Not Booking, It Must Be My Mic

If your mic is doing its job—making you sound like YOU—then other than a bad recording environment bringing in bounce or echo from within your recording area, or extra noises outside your booth, like from your dog, kids, passing trucks, or your refrigerator—don’t...

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Five Character Voice Development Tips

One of my specialties is character work—whether it’s an accent or a voice or just a different personality, I came out of the womb trying to make Mel Blanc proud. And one of the questions I get a lot from students is, “How do you do that?” My answer is always,...

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