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Hey Voicer, Feeling creative? Inspired?

On Saturday, I enjoyed leading an On-Going Workshop where we talked a lot about getting out of our own way, and how sometimes when we're caught up in the daily grind of life it's difficult to get into a creative, playful mindset... while standing alone in our padded...

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Marketing Moats-ivation!

I hope you know I think of you often. As a mentor and friend to the VO industry, as I go through my day as a full-time voice actor, I often catch myself thinking... This would be a great thing to share with up-and-coming talent!And ‘marketing' - aka self promotion -...

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OK, It’s a Business. So Now What?

A voiceover career is primarily a creative enterprise. You get to walk into a small room, talk to a microphone like it’s your best friend, record that sound, maybe edit it (and other audio engineering tasks), become a master of your computer, the internet and social...

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Joy’s Talent Spotlight: Jesse Estrada

This episode of Joy’s Talent Spotlight will feature the handsome and talented Jesse Estrada. We all know Jesse as our TVAS coach and engineering savior! Jesse fell in love with all things “voice” as a young man listening to the raw emotions coming from the radio, and...

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Keep Calm and Audition On

Uh, yeah. Auditioning can totally mess with our minds. We're so determined to get those bookings! One crucial thing to remember… The voice over business is about selection not rejection. You won’t be right for every project that lands in your inbox. But you will be...

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