Maybe you’ve been a part of V-amily for awhile (our voice over family, that is)! Or maybe you’re a new kid on the block. Either way, I’d like to remind you of what The Voice Actors Studio, or TVAS 2.0, is all about.
1. We love the Voice Over Industry.

2. We’re hardcore-passionate about helping YOU become a Voice Over Pro. Yes. You’ve gotta put in the work. We did too, and now we’re seasoned pros. But we’re whole-heartedly here to guide you.

3. Our coaches are current. They are solid VO bookers in the vast spectrum of VO genres across the board, and they know their stuff. It’s rare to learn from coaches who actively voice AND teach! We’re immersed in the day-to-day life of VO, and we teach you up-to-the-minute content.

4. In addition to #3, our scripts aren’t from 1997. πŸ˜‰ Our script content is fresh. Reading scripts that are in season NOW will help you tune into the voice over expectations of TODAY.

5. We come at VO from all directions. The craft. The technology. The business. When you’re ready to take flight, you’ll really know your stuff. ALL of it.

6. Rising tides lift all boats. We are here to lift you up. Being involved in a creative business isn’t always easy. Having peers who are on the same journey with you is beyond comforting.

7. We are strong, playful and sassy! We know TVAS is something special. People travel from all over the country (the world, as a matter fact!) to hang in our little rockin’ studio. Up-and-coming talent want to learn from the best and embrace the warm TVAS vibes! We don’t blame them!

8. We help you get connected. We don’t act as your agent, but we do love to help! When the time is right (i.e. when you’ve put in the work and have shown us how solid you are as a talent and human being), we love to introduce you to agents, production houses, etc. who may need your sound. There are no guarantees in our industry, but we enjoy bringing good people together.

9. We also love to help our community. We adopt families during the holiday season, host field trips for the NV Blind Children Foundation and New Horizon’s School for Autistic Children, feed the homeless, among many other local efforts. Have one you love to support? Please let us know!

10. We are V-amily. TVAS was born in our living room. Our studio is an extension of our home and of our hearts. We (Troy and I) built this for YOU. We hope when you walk through our doors you feel like you can let your freak flag fly! (Right, John McClain?) LOL. And when you leave our studio, we hope you feel even better than when you first arrived!

11. We are a safe environment for you to learn and grow. We are your cheerleaders – your #1 fans. If you’ve been away awhile, we’ll never make you feel bad for needing to take a break. Life happens! We’ll just be thrilled to see ya when we do!

12. We love to bring super-mucho-amazing out-of-town guest coaches here to Vegas to save you money! Heavy-hitting industry leaders sort of love us. πŸ˜‰ It has to be our killer snack assortment! LOL!

13. We rock. That is all.

Have a beautiful day, Voicer, and please know how special you are.