This episode of Joy’s Talent Spotlight will feature the handsome and talented Jesse Estrada. We all know Jesse as our TVAS coach and engineering savior! Jesse fell in love with all things “voice” as a young man listening to the raw emotions coming from the radio, and found it all to be very intriguing. He got into radio just out of high school, but sadly realized that the income potential was too low. In 2002, Jesse temporarily left the world of radio.

He got a job in sales and worked his way up the ladder to a managerial position, leading to becoming a real estate agent in Los Angeles. Jesse then started his own mortgage company with just five employees. Within five years, he had catapulted his business into a thriving company with 80 employees. However, the tragic recession of 2008 claimed Jesse’s business. He moved to Las Vegas to rebuild his life that same year. Jesse went back into radio and met our coach Chad Letts also working at the same station. Chad introduced Jesse to our Mama VO when her classes were still conducted at her home. He began taking classes and gained more and more confidence in himself. Jesse feels the On-Going classes helped him overcome his shyness and are where he found his love of being behind the mic. He is currently excelling in commercial, eLearning and promo genres. Jesse voices in both English and Spanish. He recently voiced a documentary about Agave. Jesse wants to explore the possibility of doing Animation voicing in the future. He feels that life has taught him to overcome the fear of allowing himself to be free to follow the paths that present themselves. He quoted his friend: “Luck is just being prepared when opportunity arises.” Now that’s an insightful friend! Jesse, thank you, for being so open with us and for always being there to answer our questions. Please contact Jesse at his email: and visit his web site: